Hunter Gardner

Writer. Comedian. Nice Person.

Hunter Gardner is a writer and comedic performer. Also, he's nice.


 Written By: Hunter Gardner & Henry Riggs // Directed By:  Henry Riggs  // Asst. Director:  Andy Livengood

Written By: Hunter Gardner & Henry Riggs // Directed By: Henry Riggs // Asst. Director: Andy Livengood

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Gardner and Riggs put together a kooky cavalcade of characters, bringing the best out of the story and out of Gardner’s ability to perform.
— The Charleston City Paper
Hunter’s one-man show is all the things you hope for in a sit down with your Lord and Savior: Comfortable, yet thoughtful. Jesus turned water into wine for his first miracle and here, Hunter turns his life story into beer for this first solo show. Let them come!
— Harrison Brookie, Artistic Director of Alchemy Comedy Theater (Greenville, SC)
Whether you grew up in the church or not, you’ll be able to relate to this comedy from the brains of Gardner and Riggs!
— Luke Watson, Co-Founder of Third Coast Comedy (Nashville, TN)


Inspired by a true (drinking) story, Drinking With Jesus is a one-hour, one-man comedy that asks the audience, “How do we find a balance between our virtues and our vices?”

Narrated by an All-American Jesus, the show is composed of character monologues and painfully true moments that warn against getting too into the booze or too into the Bible. A story for Bible readers and beer chuggers alike, Drinking With Jesus offers audiences an hour of holy hilarious fun with big characters and big laughs.




Providence, RI | Providence Fringe Festival | 07.26 + 07.27.17

Charleston, SC | Theatre 99 | 07.22.17

Atlanta, GA | The Basement Theatre | 05.21.17

Charleston, SC | N. Charleston Arts Festival | 05.03.17

Charleston, SC | Theatre 99 | 03.11.17

Nashville, TN | Third Coast Comedy Club | 01.28.17

Chapel Hill, NC | DSI Theatre | 01.14.17

Greenville, SC | Alchemy Comedy Theatre | 12.08.16

Charleston, SC | Theatre 99 | 11.12.16